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Teemiprint is a professional dtg printing t shirts manufacturer in China. We have been in business for ten years and have a wide selection of products. Meanwhile, we offer a variety of direct-to-garment printing t-shirts, including short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and tank top styles. We also offer various colors and sizes to choose from. In addition, we can print any design or logo on your t-shirts, and we also offer custom printing services.

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Since digital printed T-shirts don’t require screen setup, it’s a faster process for small volume orders.

Durable design

Since DTG prints directly on the garment, the ink will bond with the fiber, so your design will last longer.

Unlimited colors

Unlike screen print T-shirts, DTG printing can be easily printed in various colors. As a result, digital T-shirt printing has become a more affordable full-color option than screen printing.

Direct to garment printing t-shirts examples

Anyone who has ever tried to print a design onto a t-shirt knows that it’s not always an easy task. But with the help of Teemiprint, you can get the perfect print every time. At Teemiprint, we take pride in offering high-quality digital printing services. Meanwhile, we can customize apparel for your business, school, nonprofit organization, family reunion, and more!

With our direct-to-garment printing services, you can choose from various design options to create the perfect shirt for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple design or a complex one, we can help you create the perfect t-shirt.

We also offer various materials and colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect shirt for your style. Contact us today to know more about our direct-to-garment printing services.

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Custom direct to garment (DTG) printing t shirts process

Direct to garment printing is also DTG printing. It is a process of printing textiles using specialized inkjet technology. Digital t-shirt printing is a new and improved way to design shirts. The direct to garment process uses digital printing technology to print your design directly onto the shirt, without screens or transfers. This process results in a high-quality print that will not crack, peel, or fade over time.
Preparing the design

Preparing the design

First, preparing the design is an essential step. The design needs to be created or edited in a vector graphics program and saved as a file type that the DTG printer can read.
Pretreatment process

Pretreatment process

Second, pretreating the clothing is necessary to get the best print results. This step involves spraying a solution onto the fabric, which helps the ink adhere better.
Printing t-shirts

Printing t-shirts

Third, loading the garment onto the printer platen and printing the design! We can print more than one T-shirt at a time. The digital printer uses special inks absorbed into the garment’s fibers.
Heat curing the ink

Heat curing the ink

Fourth, the apparel needs to go through a curing process after printing. This step “fixes” the ink into the fabric so that it will not wash out. When printed water based inks leave no hand feel behind so you can feel the fibers of the garment.

Direct to fabric printing

Direct to fabric printing, also known as direct printing on textiles, is a relatively new printing method. It offers many advantages over traditional methods. It eliminates costly screens or transfer paper and provides a more consistent and accurate print.

DTG is most commonly used on natural fibers such as cotton and linen but can also be suitable for synthetic fibers such as polyester.Direct to garment shirt prints work best on 100% cotton. Although it is possible to print on some blends, including poly-cotton blends, we recommend at least 65% or more cotton.

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Why choose our custom DTG printing t shirts services?

Teemiprint is a leading DTG printing t shirts manufacturers in China. We offer custom DTG printing services that allow you to create shirts that perfectly match your brand. Our digital t shirt printing China factory uses the latest DTG technology to provide our clients with the best possible results.

We offer high-quality DTG printing t shirts at an affordable price. With our advanced equipment and experienced team, we can produce digital clothing printing that is both accurate and long-lasting.

We use high-quality DTG printers and inks to produce durable shirts. Meanwhile, we only use environmentally friendly water-based ink, and it lasts longer through countless washes.

In addition, we have a team of experienced designers who can help you create a truly unique shirt. So, if you are looking for a DTG printing t shirts manufacturer that can provide high-quality products and outstanding customer service, we are a perfect choice.

direct to garment printing t shirts China manufacturer

Our other custom t-shirts printing technologies

We use the latest technologies to offer our customers the best possible results in custom T-shirt printing. We offer digital printing t-shirts, a more cost-effective option for smaller orders. Meanwhile, screen printing t-shirts are a popular choice for achieving a high level of detail and clarity.

Plus, all-over printing of t-shirts is another option that allows for full coverage of the custom apparel. No matter what your custom t-shirt printing needs may be, we are confident that we have the perfect solution for you.

Most Popular custom Apparel for DTG Printing

We don’t just offer one product. We are a dtg printing t shirts China manufacturer. So we can make more garments. From shirts to sweaters to hats and shoes, you can choose from. Get started now, browse our products, and find the best ones to start designing.

DTG printing shirts FAQs

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is a digital printing technology that allows you to print full-color designs directly onto t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, and other garments.

Unlike screen printing, direct apparel printing does not require the use of a separate printing plate for each color.

Instead, the design is created directly on the computer and then printed onto the garment using special inks.

Digital t shirt printing is generally more expensive than screen print, but it offers some advantages, including printing complex designs with multiple colors.

And because there is no need for a separate printing plate for each color, direct clothing printing is also much faster and more flexible than screen printing.

As a result, digital clothing printing has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially for some small businesses and individuals who want to make high-quality garments in small quantities.

First, unlike traditional printing, digital printing does not require the use of any costly screens or setup fees. So, it is ideal for small businesses and individual designers.

Second, direct garment printing is much faster than screen printing, making it possible to produce high-quality garments in minutes.

Third, digital printing clothing is also more environmentally friendly because there is no need for harsh chemicals or toxic inks.

In conclusion, printing on garments is an excellent option if you’re looking to create one-of-a-kind items or personalize your existing apparel line.

There are a variety of t-shirts that can be printed using DTG technology.

The most popular choices include 100% cotton shirts, polyester blends, and even some performance fabrics.

This printing method is perfect for those who want to print complex designs or photos onto their shirts.

Additionally, digital printing provides a soft, natural feel that is comfortable to wear.

DTG and sublimation printing are popular options for apparel printing, but each has its advantages and disadvantages.

DTG (direct to garment) printing is a process that involves printing ink directly onto fabric.

Using modified inkjet technology, the Direct-to-garment printer works much like any regular table top garment printers would—printing each garment at a time with careful precision.

Sublimation printing is a process of printing on textiles using heat transfer.

In sublimation printing, you print special inks transfer paper. And the transfer paper is then placed on the apparel and heated, causing the inks to turn into gas and bond with the fabric’s fibers.

First, unlike sublimation printing, which uses transfer paper, DTG printing allows direct contact between the printer and the fabric. This direct contact makes DTG printing ideal for high-detail designs, as the ink is less likely to crack or fade.

In addition, DTG printing is a much faster process than sublimation printing, making it more efficient for large-scale production.

However, sublimation printing is generally less expensive than digital printing, but it has some limitations. It can only be suitable for certain types of fabrics.

Digital apparel printing can print on a wider range of fabrics and the ability to print full-color images with photographic quality.

Yes, we can. We can print directly onto the fabric of the hoodie using a digital printer.

In addition, we can DTG hat printing and DTG sweatshirt printing.

Hoodies are among the most popular garments to print on, and ditigal printing is the perfect method for creating custom hoodies for any event or promotion.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, and eye-catching printed hoodie, DTG printing is the way.

Absolutely. DEG printing can print on black/dark shirts.

DTG printing can be done on both light and dark shirts, though lighter shirts tend to produce the best results.

In terms of fabric, DTG also cannot print on thick fabrics such as denim or canvas because the ink does not penetrate thick fabrics as well as thin fabrics.

You can order digital printing on black garments.

The industry standard for DTG printed clothing is 50 washes. However, many people think digital printing will have a longer life.

Perhaps it should be as long as the fabric it is printed on.

The quality of DTG prints is high, with a natural “hand” feel. Most digital inks are water-based and eco-friendly.

Digital prints can last for years with proper care, but it is important to note that the inks are susceptible to fading from direct sunlight exposure.

Overall, direct-to-garment shirts prints is an excellent choice for those who want high-quality, long-lasting prints.

There are some key differences between direct-to-garment printing (DTG) and screen printing.

Screen printing typically requires a mesh screen, while DTG uses a direct imaging process.

So, it means that DTG is generally better suited for smaller orders, as there is no need to set up the screen or wash it afterward.

Additionally, DTG can print directly onto dark garments, while screen print requires the use of a white under base.

Meanwhile, screen print also has a higher per-unit cost, making it more economical for large runs.

In conclusion, when deciding between DTG and screen printing, it’s essential to consider the number of items you need and the quality you require.

Looking for custom digital printing t shirts China manufacturer?

Digital clothing printing is much faster and more efficient than traditional methods, so you can get your shirts printed quickly and easily. With our direct-to-garment printing services, you can simply send us your design file, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll print your shirts using the latest direct-to-garment technology and ship them directly to your door. So why wait? Get started today and see the difference our digital clothing printing can make.