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Custom embroidered hats China manufacturer

Teemiprint is a professional custom embroidered hats China manufacturer. We have a wide range of products to choose from. Meanwhile, we can personalize your hat embroidered with any design you want. In addition, we also offer a fast turnaround time. So, you can receive your hats in no time. Overall, we are a reliable and trustworthy custom logo hats manufacturer.

custom embroidered hat China manufacturer

Quality assurance

First, our quality is impeccable. We use high-quality materials and processes to create our custom hats.

fast delivery

Second, our turnaround time is incredibly fast. We can have your custom hats ready in as little as two weeks.
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affordable price

Third, our prices are unbeatable. We offer custom embroidered hats at wholesale prices. So, you can get big discounts.

custom services

Finally, our embroidered services are outstanding. We ensure that you are happy with your custom hat embroidered.

custom embroidered logo hats

Custom embroidered logo hats

At Teemiprint, you can personalize your hats with a unique design.Our team can help you design and create perfect custom embroidered hats for your needs. We also offer a variety of customizable embroidered logo hats. So, you can create your custom hat. It is truly unique. In short, custom hats are a great way to promote your brand or company. 
Contact us now to learn more about our custom embroidered logo hats services.

Custom embroidered baseball caps

Baseball caps are classic hats. Embroidered baseball caps are great for sports or other active activities. It does a great job of preventing sunlight from reaching your eyes. It’s an easy choice. But it also has many varieties.Did you know that embroidered snapback hats are one of those? At Teemiprint, we offer a wide range of embroidered baseball hats. Meanwhile, you can customize logos on baseball hats. 

embroidered baseball hats
embroidered company hats

Custom company hats

Are you looking for custom company hats? Teemiprint is a good choice for all your custom hats needs. We offer various customization options to help you create perfect company hats for your business. Custom company hats can greatly enhance your company’s brand. Meanwhile, creating your custom company hats is quick and easy with our easy-to-use design studio. So, if you’re looking for custom business hats at competitive prices, contact Teemiprint today!

Custom embroidered beanie hats

At Teemiprint, we provide custom logo embroidered beanies in cuffed or uncuffed styles. We all use knit or fleece material. You can choose hats with or without poms. Embroidered beanies are perfect for winter clothing sales! In addition, you can embroider your design on the cap. We have professional embroidery equipment. So we can meet your design needs. So, if you want to wholesale and customize embroidered beanies, we are a good choice.
embroidered beanies
embroidered bucket hats

Custom embroidered bucket hats

At Teemiprint, we have the good quality custom logo embroidered bucket hats.Bucket hats are perfect for fishing and relaxing. It’s convenient. Many people are interested in logo embroidered bucket hats. Also, you can decide to add logos, slogans, words, symbols, etc., to your custom bucket hat. You also can choose from a wide range of colors and fabrics to create the perfect custom hat for your brand. Our excellent design team will help you create your design style.

Popular types of embroidered hats

Are you looking for custom embroidered hats? Look no further than Teemiprint. Our hats are made from high-quality materials and are available in a variety of colors and styles. There are many different types of embroidered logo hats. But some of the most popular include embroidered baseball caps, trucker caps, beanies, and visors.

Meanwhile, we also provide other types of embroidered caps, such as baby hats embroidered, embroidered fitted hats, and puff embroidery hats. In addition, with our custom embroidery service, you can add logos, text, or designs to create a truly unique product. Personalize your embroidered cap with a unique design at Teemiprint for best quality results and fast turnaround.

In conclusion, no matter what style of logo embroidered cap you are looking for, Teemiprint has you covered. So, order now and get your caps delivered in just a few days.

golf hat embroidered

golf hats embroidered

embroidered trucker hats

embroidered trucker hats

custom embroidered visors

embroidered visors

dad hats embroidered

dad hats embroidered

embroidered Como hat

embroidered camo hats

embroidered snapbacks

embroidered snapbacks

customize 5 panel hats

customize five panels hats

embroidered mesh hat

custom mesh hats

Our Embroidery Services Process

There are four simple steps to create your embroidered caps. So, let’s do it.The entire process was amazing. We check the entire process from embroidering to shipping embroidered hats. We know that you’ll love our friendly service, huge selection, great quality, and affordable price. Our price includes expert preparation of your design and custom embroidery in one location (up to 12,500 stitches each) when you purchase at least 12.

custom logo hats

First, you upload your embroidery logo. Design your own custom embroidered hat. Or, you choose our template.



Secondly, we will offer a formal quotation for your project. It is based on many factors, such as quantity required turnover rate.

Mass production

Third, the customer confirms the drawings. After confirmation of proofing, we began rapid mass production.


Pack and delivery

Finally, we will pack and deliver according to your requests. And then, you will receive embroidered cap quickly.

Why chose Teemiprint custom embroidered hats China?

We’re a leading custom embroidered hats China manufacturer. And we have a professional printing workshop and embroidering machines. So, we can provide you with affordable prices and control the quality at the same time.

At Teemiprint, we can embroider any design onto your caps. Meanwhile, we have a wide range of hat styles to choose from. So, whether you’re looking for baseball caps, beanies, or trucker caps, we’ve got you covered. 

At Teemiprint, we specialize in custom embroidery. But we also screen print hats. We use advanced technology and equipment to ensure the best quality results for our customers.

Meanwhile, we also offer fast turnaround times. So you can get your hats quickly. In conclusion, if you’re looking for embroidered caps in China, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you get started!

custom embroidered hats China

Go beyond the other custom logo embroidered products

Our embroidery process is of the highest quality. It ensures that your design looks great on any hat. We offer various hat brands for customization. In addition to embroidered caps, we also produce embroidered T-shirts, screen-printed T-shirts, and digital printed T-shirts. Meanwhile, we also offer fast turnaround times. So, you can get your new hat quickly. Please browse our custom logo embroidered products today and find the perfect one for you!

Custom hats embroidered FAQs

Table of Contents

How do you customize hats?

There are a few ways that you can customize hats.

In general, the common method is to embroider a logo or text onto the hat.

It can be done in a variety of fonts and colors. So you can create a unique look for your hat.

We can embroider on the back, front, and side of any hat style.

You can also add other details, like patches or pins.

So, if you want to make a unique custom hat, you can even design your own fabric and have it printed onto the hat.

In addition, we can screen printing hats. You can choose any pattern you want.

At the same time, we also provide screen printing on the front of the 5-piece hat.

A customized cap is a perfect way to show your style.

Meanwhile, custom hats can enhance the brand of the organization or business.

In a word, whatever your vision for your hats, Teemiprint can help you bring them to life.

Contact us now and start your custom hats China order.

How much does it cost to get hats embroidered?

The cost of custom embroidered hats will depend on the design, size, and quantity of hats.

Generally, the more embroidery you need, the higher the cost will be.

However, at Teemiprint, we offer competitive prices and discounts for larger orders.

Contact us today for a free quote on your embroidery needs.

Can I customize hats with my logo?

Yes, you can.

You can create your logo, text, or design embroidered onto the hat for a unique look.

After that, you just upload it to our design studio.

Teemiprint is a custom logo embroidered hats China manufacturer.

Meanwhile, we have many years of technical experience in this industry.

Your custom embroidered hats will look great and last long with suitable fabrics and stitching.

How big should a logo on a hat be?

Usually, we put the logo in the center of the hat.

The maximum height of the front logo design is 2.25 inches high.

Widths may be up to 4.5 inches or more.

However, some clients will have the logo custom on the side or back.

Back and side logos are typically ½” to 1 ½” tall. The width is usually 3.5 inches.

In short, the size of the logo is different, and the needs of customers are different, so there will be different results.

How do you put a logo on a hat?

At Teemiprint, we offer custom logo embroidered hats. It is easy to add a unique design or logo.

First, create your own logo. Create a unique logo to enhance your brand.

Second, choose a suitable location. You need to select the right place on the hat to place the logo.

Generally speaking, customers will choose the positive. You can also choose back or side.

Third, decide on the appropriate customization method.

Usually, we have two ways to customize hats. You can choose embroidery or screen printing.

Finally, start rapid production. With our professional embroidering machines, we fill orders quickly and ship on time.

What's the difference between embroidery and screen printed?

Embroidery is a stitching method. It uses thread and creates a design on fabric.

You can finish it by hand or with a machine.

On the other hand, screen printing uses a stencil and ink to create a design on fabric.

You need to push the ink through the stencil onto the fabric to create the design.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

In general, embroidery is more expensive than screen printing. But the results are often higher quality.

Screen printing is cheaper and can be done faster. But the results are not always as high quality as embroidery.

In short, we can use embroidery and silkscreen to create custom hats.

It depends on the customer to decide which method they prefer.

What is puff embroidery?

Puff embroidery is a three-dimensional effect. It’s great for large areas of text or shapes.

And it can also achieve a good layering effect.

Usually, we often see puff embroidery on embroidered ball hats.

Also, Puff embroidery is great for embroidered sweatshirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.

In general, puff embroidery on lightweight garments can look weird. So, it is not suitable for T-shirts.

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