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Are you looking for custom logo embroidered shirts? We are a professional customize shirts embroidered logo China manufacturer. So, creating your custom logo polo shirts embroidered is simple for us. Plus, you can order online custom embroidered t-shirts quickly and easily. Make your next event or business logo extra special with custom embroidery!

custom logo embroidered shirts China manufacturer

Custom Color

Different fabrics have different color cards. We have up to 40 colors to choose from. So, we can match colors according to your design. Meanwhile, if you don’t know what color you need, we’ll also offer advice.


Custom Shirts

Plus, we have a wide range of high-quality tees—for example, round collar, V-neck, long sleeve, short sleeve, vest, and so on. So, you can choose different types of shirts for embroidered.


Custom Packaging

We usually wrap a shirt in a transparent plastic bag. Then we’ll pack them in cartons of about 100 pieces each. Meanwhile, you can also customize your own brand packaging style.

Custom Logo Embroidered Polo Shirts

Why not order custom logo embroidered polo shirts for your next event or business? Our team will help you create perfect polo embroidered shirts for your needs. Meanwhile, we offer fast turnaround times. So, you can get your polo shirts embroidered quickly. Contact us today to know more about our services, or browse our design gallery for inspiration. We can’t wait to help you create perfect custom logo embroidered shirts!

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Custom Business Shirts embroidered

We provide professional embroidered polo shirts services. And we can easily customize embroidered company polo shirts for your business, events, and more. Meanwhile, our team will go the extra mile to make your embroidered polo shirts look even better.

Custom golf Shirts embroidered

In general, embroidered golf shirts is a popular types of embroidered tees. We provide professional embroidered shirts services. You can order the same design on multiple shirt styles. Meanwhile, you also choose our embroidered designs.

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Most Popular Custom Embroidered Shirts

Teemiprint is a professional custom embroidered t shirts China manufacturer. Therefore, if you want to bulk and wholesale embroidered t shirts, we are a good choice.

In general, a custom logo embroidered T-shirt is a great way to show your team spirit or promote your business. Our easy-to-use design studio makes it easy to create custom logos for your polos, shirts, and more. So, you can choose from many apparel options.

Meanwhile, we also offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from. In addition, our high-quality embroidery will ensure that your logo looks great on any T-shirt.

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Mens embroidered T Shirts

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embroidered dress Shirts

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embroidered button down Shirts

Custom Embroidered Logo Options


Standard embroidery

Generally, embroidery is a versatile and durable method of decoration. Traditional embroidery uses basic thread/yarn. So, if you're looking for an embroidered tee or polo shirt, then standard embroidery is the way to go.

Applique Embroidery

Plus, applique embroidery is suitable for the classic layered embroidery look of the jacket. It is perfect for large logo embroidery. You also custom uniforms with patches.


3D Puff embroidery

3D puff embroidery is especially suitable for custom hats or sweatshirts. It enhances the overall look of the garment and gives it a 3D effect. However, puff embroidery is difficult with intricate details or small fonts.

embroidered t shirts China manufacturer

How You Can Create Embroidered Shirts?

There are five simple steps to create your custom logo embroidered shirts. So, let’s do it.


Choose a shirt

First, find the shirt you want. Pick the shirt you need from over a dozen T-shirts and polos.


send your Design

Secondly, please send us your embroidery logo design or choose one of our design templates.

embroidery digitizing

Embroidered Digitizing

Then,we use digital design software to create a mockup of your design. Meanwhile, we can fast proof and quickly screen print t-shirts.

pack and delivery

Pack And Delivery

Finally, we will pack according to your requirements. After that, we will ship in time, and you need to receive the order.

Start with Embroidered T-shirts Design Online

At Teemiprint, you can design and order online custom embroidered t-shirts. Creating your very own custom logo embroidered polos, shirts, and more is easy with us.

Meanwhile, our online design studio makes it easy to customize shirts embroidered logo patterns for your business, school, and event. And we have rose embroidered shirt, Mexican embroidered shirt. So, choose from our custom design patterns. Let’s start designing.

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rose embroidered shirt

Mexican embroidered shirts

mexican embroidered shirts

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embroidered flower shirts

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embroidered names on shirts

Fast Embroidered Shirts

We are a leading embroidered t-shirts China manufacturer. We offer a wide range of products. It includes custom embroidered hats, embroidered bags, jackets, and hoodies. Meanwhile, we have professional embroidery equipment. So we can fast proof and quickly embroider shirts. You will receive screen printed shirts next day!
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Why choose our embroidered shirts?

Teemiprint is a professional embroidered logo shirt China manufacturer. At Teemiprint, we use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your products look their best. Meanhwile, our experienced team will work with you. They can create a perfect design to represent your brand or event. We provide full service from design to shipment.

At the same time, we have been providing quality custom clothing. You can choose custom embroidered polos, embroidered hats, embroidered jackets, etc. So, you can trust us and bulk and wholesale screen print t-shirts.

In addition, you can upload your logo or use our embroidered logo template. We will embroider and ship your order quickly. Most importantly, we have six machines and 30 heads (trust us, a lot!). Meanwhile, we are always here to meet your needs.

custom logo embroidered shirts China

Go Beyond Custom embroidered products

Generally, there are many reasons to choose custom shirts embroidered products. Perhaps you need a unique gift for a special occasion or want to promote your business with professional-looking apparel. But whatever your needs, we can provide a high-quality, professional look.

We are a leading embroidered t-shirts China manufacturer. And we offer a wide range of products. It includes custom embroidered hats, embroidered bags, jackets, and hoodies. So, you can find the perfect item for your needs. Meanwhile, we provide a wide range of apparel and colors to choose from. Plus, we offer bulk discounts on custom logo embroidery so you can save big on your next order.

In short, if you want to wholesale custom logo embroidery shirts in China to promote your business, we are a perfect choice. So, contact us today to get started!

embroidered Shirts FAQs

Our standard shipping time is approximately ten business days.

However, we can ship as fast as five business days if you need expedited shipping.

In short, we will ensure that you receive the goods as soon as possible.

Yes, you can embroider on any fabric.

You can choose from cotton, wool, linen, or silk.

We will choose the proper thread count for you and ensure the correct fabric.

Yes, we can easily add your design to multiple styles.

Also, you can add other colors. Choose from our carefully curated selection of related products, or browse our entire catalog.

Generally, we recommend embroidery designs that are four to five inches wide.

Embroidery designs are usually smaller.

However, if you want to get bigger, you try to stay within 10 x 10 inches.

Teemiprint is a great choice for your custom t-shirt embroidery.

We are a T-shirts embroidery China manufacturer. And we have professional embroidery equipment.

At the same time, we can also screen print T-shirts and digitally print T-shirts.

Also, we don’t have just one product. We also have custom hats, jackets, bags, and more.

In conclusion, we are professional if you want to order t-shirt embroidery wholesale.

Generally, it depends on actual needs.

The cost of an embroidered shirt depends on different factors—for example, clothing type, order quantity, and delivery date.

So, if you want to wholesale custom logo embroidery shirts, please contact us for a custom quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

What Kind of Thread Do You Use?

We may use different types of threads in the embroidery process.

In general, there are three main types of yarns in embroidery thread. They are rayon, polyester, and cotton threads.

In addition, there are some metal wires. Its role is embellishment, not the main one.

Some people like the high tensile strength and excellent luster of rayon. Others like the smoothness of polyester.

In short, we will choose different embroidery threads according to your needs.

How Do I Wash an Embroidered Shirt?

Generally speaking, to better care for your shirt, you will need to turn it over and wash it in cold water.

After that, dry at a low temperature. Most importantly, avoid direct ironing of the embroidery area.

How Do You Embroider a Logo on a Shirt?

In general, we will digitize the embroidery.

First, we use digital design software to create a mockup of your design.

Secondly, select the appropriate line. After that, we choose two types of stitching: satin stitching and filling stitching.

The former is only suitable for back-and-forth stitching and is ideal for smaller areas.

However, the latter can adjust the stitching direction to adjust the fabric structure and tension.

Is Embroidery More Expensive Than Screen Printing?

Generally, embroidered t-shirts are more expensive than screen-printed t-shirts.

For large projects, some customers opt for screen printing.

In addition, if you choose an embroidered shirt, you also usually pay by the thread.

So, if you are going to embroider a large logo, screen printing is the most cost-effective option.

However, the embroidery of the pocket logo is less expensive.

In conclusion, embroidery is optional if you have a small order quantity (less than 100 pieces) and a logo in multiple colors.

Is Embroidered Or Print Better?

Embroidery and screen printing are two main methods of adding logos to clothing.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

For T-shirts and light clothing, screen printing is the best choice.

Screen printing is great for printing t-shirt graphics.

And screen printing has a “softer hand” than embroidery.

Therefore, it is more suitable for large logos and designs.

However, for business shirts and polo shirts, embroidery is usually the best choice.

Also, embroidery is great for hats and coats.

In short, every project is different. We will choose the appropriate process according to your actual needs.

What's the Difference Between Embroidery And Screen Printing?

Generally, embroidery is perfect for business shirts, polos, jackets, and hats.

Screen printing is a good choice for t-shirts hoodies.

Both are suitable for different projects.

First, it is cost. Usually, embroidery is a little more expensive than silkscreen printing.

It generally depends on the number of orders and the number of colors in the design.

So, if you need to embroider text on a small number of shirts, embroidery may be cheaper.

Because in addition to printing and shirt costs, screen printing also requires screen costs.

However, screen printing t shirts is cheaper if you need the text in one color on many polo shirts.

Second, in terms of use. Generally, screen printing is great for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and polos. You can print 100% polyester polos.

Embroidery usually works best on hats and coats and business shirts. It can improve your reputation very well.

In conclusion, both embroidered t-shirts and screen-printed t-shirts have pros and cons.

You need to choose the right one according to your needs.

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