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Make a statement in style with TeemiPrint! We are the premier custom polo shirts manufacturer based in China, and we make it easy to get the clothing you need made just for you. With our wholesale services and guaranteed quality on every product, we make sure that your custom polos look perfect each time. Using only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship, we ensure that our printed polos will last through all kinds of activities without fading or wearing out.


Why choose Teemiprint?

Wide Range of Products

We offer a wide range of products for custom polo shirts to choose from.


High Quality

All of our products are made with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a high level of quality.


Competitive Prices

We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry, without compromising on quality.


Fast & Secure Shipment

We ship all our products from our factory in China to your chosen destination, ensuring fast and secure delivery.

Best Custom Polo Shirts Production Factory in China

Introducing TeemiPrint, the leading custom polo shirt manufacturer in China! We believe in providing quality products that are tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a corporate uniform, promotional item or even a special gift – we have you covered. With TeemiPrint you can customize everything from fabric type and color to text and logo placement at an unbeatable price.

Say goodbye to boring, generic polo shirts! TeemiPrint is the number one custom polo shirt wholesaler in China offering high quality, stylish polos for every occasion. With TeemiPrint, you can create unique polo-shirts that are as fashionable and unique as you are. Our attention to detail and commitment to using the finest fabrics ensure a perfect look and long-lasting comfort with every design.

Our Custom Polo Shirts Making Process


Our custom polo shirts manufacturing starts with making a sample. The first step involves designing the sample and deciding on the style, materials, colors, and prints. We then produce a few samples for our clients to approve before beginning the bulk production process.


Once we get approval from the client for the samples, it’s time to move into full production mode. Custom polo shirts production has several steps. We begin by printing your logo onto the fabric before cutting out individual pieces according to your measurements. Our team then sews these pieces together using strong stitching techniques and pre-shrinks the fabric to avoid shrinkage after washing. The end result is an impeccable custom polo shirt made just for you!

Quality Control

The next step is to inspect every detail of the garment including seams, stitches per inch and thread used by our skilled tailors. Our team also checks each piece individually for any design flaws or imperfections before it reaches the customer’s hands. We use cutting-edge technology such as X-Ray vision and optical scanners throughout this entire process to identify possible issues quickly and accurately. Once these tests have been completed successfully, we carefully package each custom polo shirt in an individual box or bag before shipping the order directly to customers worldwide.

Packaging & Shipment

Once our polo shirts sampling, production, and quality control process is complete we package them properly and then we deliver to the clients. We use eco-friendly packaging material that helps preserve the environment while ensuring maximum safety during transit. We strive to offer our customers top-quality privately labeled polo-shirts manufacturing services in China at competitive prices.

Best Custom Materials


Polyester is widely regarded as one of the best materials for custom polo shirts due to its durability, comfort and cost-effectiveness. It can withstand more wear and tear than other fabrics, which makes it perfect for busy work environments or active lifestyles. Its low-maintenance care means that you can keep your custom polo-shirts looking their best with minimal effort. 

The lightweight and breathable qualities of polyester make it an ideal choice for creating comfortable custom polo-shirts that are suitable for any season. The fabric helps to wick away moisture from the body during warm weather, so you can stay cool when temperatures start to rise. In colder climates, polyester provides a layer of insulation against the cold without making you feel stuffy or uncomfortable.



Cotton is a versatile fabric that has long been used for custom polo shirts. It is soft, durable, and breathable which makes it an excellent choice for clothing. Its comfort level and ability to keep the wearer cool in hot weather make cotton a favorite for custom polo-shirts. 

The durability of cotton makes it perfect for manufacturing custom polo-shirts because it can withstand many washes without losing its shape or color. Additionally, the material resists wrinkles so wearers will look sharp no matter how they are moved during the day. Furthermore, cotton offers more flexibility with sizing than other fabrics like synthetic materials which makes it great for creating tailored looks on custom polo-shirts. 

Customers benefit from wearing custom polo-shirts made from cotton because this natural fabric allows their skin to breathe better than synthetics do.

Mixed Fabrics

Mixed fabrics are quickly becoming one of the most popular materials for manufacturing custom polo shirts. Whether it’s cotton, polyester, or a combination of both, manufacturers and consumers alike are turning to mixed fabric polos for their allure and style. 

Mixed fabrics are easier to dye than other material choices – this makes them ideal for businesses looking to create a one-of-a-kind custom shirt with the exact colors they desire. Moreover, these fabrics tend to be stronger than those made from just one type of fabric; thus providing greater durability. Additionally, the mixture of materials makes it possible to produce polos that provide a perfect balance between comfort and breathability due to their unique blend of fibers. 

Customers also love mixed fabric polo-shirts because they are soft yet look professional enough for any occasion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing Custom Polo Shirts Manufacturing Factory in China is the perfect choice for businesses and individuals looking to order custom polo shirts in bulk. TeemiPrint offers several unique advantages that make it stand out from other manufacturers. Firstly, the factory has an extensive selection of materials available, allowing customers to choose from a variety of fabrics, styles, and colors when designing their custom polo shirts.

Furthermore, the factory’s pricing structure is competitive and allows clients to purchase high-quality products at an affordable cost. Additionally, due to its location in China, production time is much faster than with U.S.-based manufacturers; orders can be completed within as little as two weeks after placing them.

The type of custom polo shirts manufacturing factory your company chooses can have a huge impact on its success. A quality manufacturer is essential for producing high-quality products that meet the needs of customers and stand out from the competition. To ensure a successful partnership, it’s important to choose the right kind of custom polo shirts manufacturing factory for your business.

When it comes to selecting the right type of custom polo shirts manufacturing factory, there are several factors to consider.

First, decide whether you should opt for an in-house manufacturer or outsource with a third-party vendor. In-house factories provide complete control over production and design processes but require significant upfront investment in equipment and resources.

On the other hand, outsourcing provides access to experienced professionals who are already familiar with industry standards but may come at higher cost than setting up an in-house facility.

The process for importing custom polo-shirts from China involves several steps. First, you should create a design and find a factory in China that can produce the shirts according to your specifications. Then, you need to negotiate a price with the manufacturer and sign a contract. Once the contract is signed, you need to arrange for shipping of the goods and pay any necessary taxes or duties.

Custom polo shirts are a popular choice for companies, sports teams and organizations. Over the years, custom polo shirts have become more fashionable and can be found in many stores. Who is responsible for producing these custom polo shirts at the factory?

The people who make custom polo shirts at the factory are experienced apparel professionals who specialize in creating high-quality garments. They utilize specialized machines and tools to create a variety of patterns and designs that meet customer specifications. Throughout the production process, they carefully inspect each item to ensure it meets quality standards before it is shipped out to retailers or customers around the world.

At the factory, designers work closely with manufacturers to come up with new ideas and trends that will keep customers coming back for more custom polo shirts.

Polo shirts are the classic American clothing staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe. They can take your outfit from casual to sophisticated, making them a must-have for any occasion. Polo shirts are more than just a fashionable choice; they also serve many practical purposes as well.

Available in various styles and designs, polo shirts offer both comfort and convenience in any kind of weather. They come with short sleeves which make them ideal for hot days, while longer sleeve versions help keep you warm during the colder months. Plus, they can easily be layered on top of other garments such as turtlenecks or sweaters to provide extra protection against chilly temperatures. Additionally, polo shirts are highly breathable and lightweight materials so you can stay cool and comfortable even when the temperature rises.

TeemiPrint manufactures a wide range of custom polo shirts to fit any style or budget. From lightweight and breathable performance polos to classic pique knit styles, they offer a variety of colors and sizes.

They also provide options for printing, embroidery, appliqué, and more.

With their cutting-edge technology and experienced team of experts, TeemiPrint is your one-stop shop for all your custom polo shirt needs.

Looking for custom Polo Shirts Wholesaler in China?

TeemiPrint is the best custom polo shirts manufacturer and wholesaler in China, offering high-quality products at an affordable price. With their advanced manufacturing process, they provide customers with a wide range of custom options including color, fabric, size and more. 

At TeemiPrint, all of their products are designed for durability and comfort. They use only the highest quality fabrics to ensure that every product meets their customer’s exacting standards. Our team of experienced designers are on hand to help you create the perfect custom polo shirt for any occasion or event. From corporate events to sports teams or just everyday wear, they have something for everyone!

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