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We are a professional custom screen printing t shirts China manufacturer. Our main business is custom and produce good quality tee shirts. Screen prints shirts are great for bulk and wholesale order. Therefore, you can wholesale shirt printing. Custom screen print photo on shirts to promote your style. Contact us now!

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Find the Perfect Custom T Shirts Screen Printing

We are a custom screen printing t shirts China manufacturer. Therefore, if you need wholesale custom screen printed shirts China, Teemiprint is your best choice. We have short and long sleeves to choose from. So you can choose the one that best suits your season. In addition, you can also create your own t-shirt or choose our screen printing shirts design.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to create a consistent look for your company members, our embroidered t-shirts , all over printing or screen-printed business t-shirts or DTG printing are ideal for you. We support custom screen printing t shirts for business and events. All in all, we have custom printing t-shirts in various designs, colors, and styles. It can help you stand out from the crowd.

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How to Screen Printing T Shirts?

Screen printing t shirts is different from digital printing shirts. If you need bulk orders, screen printed shirts is ideal for you. And screen printing shirts is the most economical way to wholesale custom printed T-shirts. Teams, organisations and businesses often choose screen printing.

screen printed shirts China manufacturer

In general, screen printed is a traditional t-shirt printing method. It is an economical and common way to bulk order custom screen printed tshirts.

First, we spread the lotion evenly on the silkscreen. Second, this screen mesh reflects images onto the screen. We then expose the mesh to strong light, which “burns” it onto the screen.

After that, if you want an image to stay in place over the shirt, you need ink. Then, you use a squeegee to push the ink from the screen onto the shirt. Finally, use a hot press for drying and curing.

Screen Printing Inks

We at Teemiprint strive to meet your specifications at all levels. We offer a wide range of screen printing inks. Plus, whether we screen print Polo shirts, sweatshirts, or custom aprons, hats we use only high-quality fabrics and inks. In addition, we can also do single-color design, black and white printing, multi-color design, and retro effect printing. In conclusion, we’ll try our best to meet your needs.

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Create Your Screen Printing t shirts

Four simple steps to create you custom screen printed t-shirts. So, let’s do it.


Find the Perfect Shirt

First, find the shirt you want. In terms of color, material, style, and performance, we find the perfect t-shirt for your design.


Send Your Design

Secondly, create your own shirts and send us. Or, you get started from one of our design templates. We have online design studio.

fast screen printing shirts

Fast Screen Printing

Thirdly, screen printing begins. We have professional screen printers. So we can fast proof and quickly screen print t-shirts.

pack and delivery

Pack And Delivery

Finally, we will pack according to your requirements. After that, we will ship in time, and you just need to receive the order.

Start with Screen Printed T shirts Design Online

No designer has to make the tee look so beautiful. Get started with one of our professionally designed templates! If you’re looking for custom screen print shirts design, we are a great choice to find them.

There are many custom screen printing t shirts products. Meanwhile, you can easily design and order your own t-shirts online. Or, you can choose our t-shirt photo prints design. It is easy to get the exact product you want. And we ensure that you’ll receive high-quality items.

In addition, you can order the same design on multiple shirt styles. It’s important to keep something as special as your custom clothing printing looking great.

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Fast Screen Printing t shirts

We mainly print our custom shirts using screen printing or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing depending on the selected product, design type, and quantity. Meanwhile, we process every order on time and we deliver lightning fast delivery. So, you will receive screen printed shirts next day!

fast screen printing shirts

Why Choose Our Screen Printed Shirts?

We are professional t shirt printing China manufacturer, and we can mass production of t-shirts. In addition, we have advanced equipment, professional team, first-class service. So, you can trust us and bulk and wholesale screen print t shirts. Meanwhile, we will provide you with quality customized services.

Custom Design

You have many choices for clothing printing. We have apparel screen printing, digital printing on shirts, all over printing shirts, and embroidery shirts. So, you can design and order your own shirt pattern. In addition, you can choose our printing clothing design templates.


Custom Size and Pattern

Plus, you can choose our fixed-size chart. Or you can provide customized sizes like us, such as bust/length/shoulder size, etc. Besides, you can also choose our screen print t-shirt pattern you need, basketball, football, anime, etc. We have a customer service team, and you can contact us on time!


Custom Fabric

We have different fabrics. They are suitable for different printing on shirts. Meanwhile, you can have your own special requirements for fabric weight, material, etc. In short, as a professional screen printed t-shirts China manufacturer, we will provide the fabrics you need.

t shirt screen printing China manufacturer

Most Popular Apparel for Screen Printing

We don’t just offer one product. We are a screen printing t shirts China manufacturer. So we can make more garments. From shirts to sweaters to hats and throw pillows, you can choose from. Get started now, browse our products, and find the best ones to start designing.

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Custom Outerwear

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Custom Bussiness Apparel

Screen Printing t shirts FAQs

Screen printing t shirts features many pros.

The best part is the printing quality.

You can print shirts with a more vivid color than an on-demand printer.

If your ink is water-based, it is smoother and lasts longer.

In addition, silkscreen printed is ideal for bulk screen printed shirts.

It is suitable for specific color matching and offers a broader variety of products.

Today, customers often request softer, eco-friendly, or high-performance fabrics.

For garment screen printing, the fabric we use most often is cotton. It can be basic cotton, Ringspun cotton.

Of course, there are other fabrics, polyester, synthetic blends, cotton blends, Eco-friendly fabrics.

However, these fabrics present certain challenges for screen printed.

In short, cotton fabrics are great for shirt screen printing.

T-shirts screen printed is the traditional way to print shirts.

Screen printing t shirts is suitable for large volume orders. Therefore, screen printed shirts are ideal for a high volume discount.

Teams, organizations, and businesses often choose screen printed tees because printing large custom clothing orders is more cost-effective.

A typical cost for a single-color print on the shirt is $5.00 – $7.00 depending on the quantity, and you charge much more for the 6-color shirt.

An order of 72 shirts could be printed within 25 min. The price of the garment is 8.00 per shirt in six colors or $576.


Shirts are our best seller. But they are not our only prints.

We also have other screen-printed products such as hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, uniforms, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

What Is Screen Printing T shirt?

When you think of printing on shirts, you probably think of screen prints.

The screen-printed is also silkscreen. Silkscreen t-shirt printing is one method of custom shirts design.

We need to separate each color in the design. Then go to separate burn on the mesh screen.

After that, the ink is transferred through the screen to the shirt. It is better for graphics that use only one or two ink colors.

However, digital printing is suitable for many colors.

What Is the Best Print Method for T-shirts?

There are many ways to print for shirts.

There are screen prints on t-shirts, digital printing shirts, all over printing shirts, and embroidery shirts.

But it prints the highest-quality designs easily with DTG. In contrast, we generally use screen prints shirts when ordering bulk orders.

In conclusion, every method has pros and cons. It depends on your actual needs.

How Do You Screen Prints on T-shirts?

Screen printed frame with polyester mesh over it. It is composed of a wood or aluminum frame.

Screen prints tee shirts are a common method of printing on shirts.

First, print your film. You will use this film positively to burn your image into a silkscreen.

After that, we then exposed the screen to bright light to “burn” it onto the screen.

Next, you need to use a scraper to push the ink from the screen onto the shirt. You can do it by hand, or you can use a screen-printer.

Finally, you will also need to cure the ink after the shirt is fully printed. You can use a dryer.

What Ink to Use for T-shirt Screen Printing?

The answer is water-based inks.

We often use three inks in screen print tee shirts, discharge inks, plastisol inks, and water-based inks.

Each ink has different characteristics. Therefore, they are suitable for different materials and printing patterns.

In recent years, more customers have preferred soft screen printed tees.

As a result, screen printed shirt manufacturers more often use water-based inks to meet their needs.

Does Screen Printing Crack?

Quality sleeve screen prints won’t crack.

In general, the durability of printed shirts depends on many factors—for example, the ink, the machine, and whether it has been properly pretreated and cured.

So, to ensure the long-term washability of your prints, avoid hot water, harsh cleaners, excessive heat, or prolonged drying times.

What Are the Disadvantages of Screen Printing t Shirts?

Screen printed is not suitable for custom or extensive bulk orders in different colors.

It has a limited range of colors available.

Also, a lot of water is used to wash the screen and mix the ink.

So screen printed is not an environmentally friendly method.

Second, the image may become blurred.

Due to color limitations, photos or graphics with certain shades may not be in focus.

What Do I Need to Start Screen Printing T shirts?

Here’s what you’ll use:

  • Your artwork
  • Screen printing frame
  • Screen printing ink
  • Squeegee
  • Also, some photo emulsion for screen printed
  • Spray tack/ spray adhesive. It helps us
  • keep our shirts in place when silk screen printing them.
  • Blank t-shirts
  • Exposure Unit. You illuminate the printed pattern under strong light.
  • Conveyor belt dryer. Printed t-shirt makers often use it. You can also use a hairdryer.

Which Is Cheaper Screen Printing Or Digital Printing?

You can’t choose directly.

On the one hand, it depends on the number of printed shirts.

For t-shirt printing on small orders, digitally printed shirts are cheaper.

However, the more printed shirts you need, the less screen printed tees will cost in the long run.

So, t-shirt screen is more suitable for bulk t shirts screen printing and wholesale print on shirts.

On the other hand, the price per printed T-shirt also depends on the number of colors used.

An extra screen is required for each new color for screen printed shirts. So, you need to spend extra color.

Screen Printing VS Digital Printing: What Is the Difference?

Learn about our different print methods, from traditional screen printing to digital printing.

Screen printing and digital printing are two popular methods of printing on shirts.

You can choose according to your print quantity, material, pattern.

In short, if you want 100s of personalized print shirts, digital print tee shirts will meet your needs.

Alternatively, if you need to bulk screen printed t shirts, then you can opt for screen printed tees. It might be your best option.

Screen printing requires the application of layers of ink to the printing surface one layer at a time.

Also, it needs to use different screens for different colors. Therefore, the range of colors available for screen printing is limited.

Digital printing is better for printed shirts with clearer finishes. It’s much more detailed than a screen printed shirt.

Moreover, digital printing is more suitable for personalization.

The ink in screen printing is thicker than digital printing, so it is more suitable for dark t-shirt printing.

DTG is best for t-shirt printing with lots of detail.

At the same time, digital printing inks are thinner, so DTG is more suitable for light-colored T-shirt printing.

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